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DNR warns Iowa fishers of thin ice

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Not all Iowans are hiding from these cold temperatures, some are actually embracing them.

Ice fisher Dave Weston says, "To me it's all about that peck at the other end. It doesn't make sense to people who don't fish, but it's more than catching a fish."

He's been an ice fisher for more than 50 years, so he knows the risks that come along with it.

He says, "It can be scary when you walk out there and that's why you just got to keep testing early ice."

As Iowans know, Mother Nature has been pretty unpredictable this season so experts say when it comes to ice fishing, especially this winter you can never be too cautious.

Lori Eberhard of the DNR says, "We had flooding a few weeks ago, then 50 degree temperatures, and then we had snow. George Wyth Lake froze over like three different times already, so ice fishers need to always test the ice and take safety equipment with them."

In some areas at George Wyth Park, fisherman say there's about 6 inches of ice but you can never be too sure.

James Jordan says, "It's unnerving especially when it's popping right besides you... you never know, like is it just cracking or what is it doing?"

So come prepared and remember to always test the ice.

Eberhard says, "We don't want to have to inform a family of a tragic situation that could have been prevented."

There's a Facebook group called "Northeast Iowa Ice Fishing" where you can find different ice measures from lakes throughout the area.

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