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Waterloo Gun Show Attracts Large Attendance

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"Obama is the best gun salesmen the world has seen," said retailer Tom Thomas from south east Iowa. 

Hundreds of shoppers browsing thousands of guns for the perfect one.

Shoulder to shoulder people shuffling along the display tables.

"More sense the California situation, we have seen an increase in people purchasing conceal and home protection type firearms," said owner of Gabe's Gun Shop, Nick Gabriel.

 The biggest increase in sales coming from first-time female buyers looking to protect themselves.

"I am an older woman that travels and so just for a safety issue to have a gun and have it concealed in my purse," said Pat Ohrt 

 Not only is Otrh motivated by recent mass shootings, but local crime is also a concern.

 "Since all the shootings, it has probably accentuated the possibility of it happening in this area. Waterloo is having more and more shootings all the time; Cedar Rapids, all the bigger cities. So just in case I would need something, I would like to have something to protect myself," said Ohrt

 And for many of those at the show, they say stricter gun laws are not the way to cut down on that violence.

"If its a criminal act, what they are going to do after the fact; more background checks and more regulations are not going to stop that law abiding citizen from then breaking the law down the road. You are never going to be able to prevent that," said Gabriel.

They gun show continues Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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