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Two Men Injured in hit and run in Cedar Falls

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Just an hour into the New Year, three people were sent to the hospital in Cedar Falls. 

 It all happened after a fight on Main Street that escalated into a hit and run.

 Following a fight in Voodoo, police tell us two men were hit by a car in the alley behind the club.

 But before police arrived, Casey Brookhouser discovered the two men in the alley just after the hit and run.

 One man was on the ground.

"Just kind of rolling back and fourth. He was in a lot of pain," said Brookhouser.

 The man's friend tried to get him up and get out of the area before police could arrive.

 "And I was like dude no. We have to call an ambulance. Your friend just got hit by a car. His jeans were torn. He had a bloody elbow. He looked like he just got hit by a car," said Brookhouser.

Other witnesses say the man had what looked like severe injuries to his leg. 

But they say his friend was more worried about getting out of the alley, then getting his friend medical attention.

"Either they thought they were too intoxicated to be in public or they thought they were going to go to jail because they were fighting in Voodoo. I don't know what was going on, but for some reason he did not want the cops or paramedics involved," said Brookhouser.

 Once they were involved, the man with the more serious injuries became aggressive towards those around him.

"He looked at me and was like, 'Are you the one that hit me?' I was like, dude no, I am trying to help you. I did not hit you with a car," said Brookhouser.

Police tell us, the two men went to the hospital and an other individual also went to the hospital from injuries related to the fight.

Anyone with information about this hit and run is asked to call Cedar Falls Police

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