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Stolen Garbage Truck Used to Break into Auto Shop

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One man's overnight crime spree ended when police surround him inside a building and sent in the K-9 unit.

 It ended at the Wheels Unlimited Auto Sales in the 1600 block of Center Street.

 Widen is accused of using a garbage truck he allegedly stole earlier in the night to ram his way into the auto garage. 

 The damage, making it clear someone was determined to get inside the shop.

 Not only is the door frame bent and the door missing, but the structure of the building has also been damaged.

 All done with a garbage truck.

 "Unfortunately, it is fairly common for people to use trucks or vehicles to either enter a business or try and steal an ATM," said Cedar Falls Police Captain Craig Berte.

But Captain Berte doesn't remember anyone ever using a garbage truck.

"You know with a burglar; if there is a will, there is a way. They are going to try and get in. A garbage truck is kind of unique though," said Berte.

The garbage truck that was used to gain access to the auto shop was stolen from Wayne Engineering in Cedar Falls. The suspect plowed through the security gate to get that truck off of Wayne's property.

The gate took the brunt of the damage. The new truck suffered only minor damage to the front.

 The only visible evidence the truck backed into the auto shop is a small smudge of yellow paint.

 Its not clear what the suspect's intent was when he decided to steal the tuck.

 "A mechanic shop that fixes things probably was not targeted. You wouldn't expect to find a lot of things of value in a business like that, in terms of monetary. You may find tools and things," said Berte.

Police are looking into the sequence of events. At this time it is unclear what happened between the time the garbage truck was stolen and Widen was caught inside the auto shop across town.

Wheels Unlimited Auto Sales is unsure how much the damaged will cost to repair.

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