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Cameras catch pet owner abandoning dog

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A former pet owner faces charges after being accused of dumping a dog near a vacant lot.

"This was as mad as I've been in a long time," said Alan Ashurst, a city codes officer in Kansas City.

He uses cameras to catch people illegally dumping trash, but a few weeks ago, one camera spotted an SUV pulling up near a vacant lot. Someone pushes a dog out of the vehicle and then takes off as the dog tries to catch up.

"I just couldn't believe it. It was a beautiful little dog," said Ashurst.

Finding the dog seemed like a long shot. Ashurst first saw those pictures when he was changing out a camera. That was on December 18th. The pictures of the dog being left behind had a time stamp of December 10th.

That's where Eron Dawkins comes in.

Dawkins is an animal control investigator who found another camera had recently taken images of the dog still in the same area. Dawkins and Ashurst went back out and didn't have to look long. The dog came out of the woods after they opened a can of food.

The dog is healthy and has recently been adopted.

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