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Vandalism victims upset over slashed tires

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Someone is slashing tires, and police are looking for who is behind it all.

Over the past few weeks, multiple people have reported to Waterloo Police their tires have been cut, all in different locations around the city.

KWWL spoke to multiple victims of this vandalism, and needless to say they're not happy.

They're wondering who did this to their cars, and why they're being targeted. 

Nearly a dozen slashings have been reported, some at homes and some at businesses, including BJ's Bar and Billiards and Electric Park Ballroom.

"It didn't make me too happy," said Ray Pavelec, a victim.

Pavelec was none the wiser until he left the bar and woke up the next morning when he found his tire was flat.

He filled it with air, and it went flat again.

That's when he knew there was a problem.

"It was a real hassle getting it fixed and everything," he said.

He wasn't the only one who got his tire cut at BJ's. 

Another regular at the bar had their tires cut the very same night.

Pavelec is frustrated, but probably not as frustrated as Alyssa Adams.

"I was livid," she said.

Someone slashed all four tires of her truck, costing her nearly $1200.

Her roommates car was hit too -- all four tires.

"Who does that? What gratification do you get? Who wakes up and says 'lets go do this tonight?'" she said.

She can't come up with an answer for that, but she does have a pretty good solution.

"There's no monetary punishment that will make them learn their lesson. I want them to serve community service totaling the damage, just here you'd have 1200 hours," said Adams.

Employees of VGM were hit at their holiday party at Electric Park Ballroom on Saturday as well.

Police say check your tires before you get on the roads.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, call police.

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