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Where are the gold coins?

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Something is missing this holiday season.

Those mysterious gold coin donations which bring in money for the Salvation Army.

You've probably gotten used to seeing a volunteer next to the red kettle buckets about now.

But as the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign nears its end this year, people are wondering where the famous gold coins are.

Last year, at the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Salvation Army, 12 gold coins showed up during the last 12 days of the Red Kettle Campaign.

These coins are worth between 1,000 to 1,700 dollars.

But more importantly, they help raise awareness of the Salvation Army and what they are doing.

No one knows where those coins are this year, and  who's been responsible for giving them away in the past.

The only hint the Salvation Army has is notes that came with the gold coins.

The Waterloo/Cedar Falls location says they did already get two silver coins this year 

And The Salvation Armies across Eastern Iowa are wondering the same thing. 

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