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Community Gathering Around Moe Sed's Family in Support

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Update: The community of Church Row have been focused for weeks on finding Moe Sed, now their focus has shifted to helping support the family through this time of grief.

 The community came together in hope and prayer just weeks ago.
 Now those who led the pray service are leading the family through what they call the family's darkest day.
 "How to put into words what they are feeling. It's a struggle because what do you say?" said Nate Nims, Pastor at Waterloo First United Methodist.

 Among the grief,  a small sense of peace.
"As I was visiting with Moe's mother today she was saying, through her son, it was a comfort to know where Moe is. To not be wondering is he out there somewhere, when will our son come home. They know where he is, there is a comfort in that," said  Joe Greemore, Reverend at First Baptist Church of Waterloo.

The family is not alone in feeling the loss of Moe Sed.
On church row, it was an almost daily occurrence to see Moe Sed riding his bike down the sidewalk. Something church leaders say they wish they could see again.

 "He was on his bike riding around a lot and it was one of those reminders that he was in town and he was one of our neighbors," said Nims.

 A memorial fund is being set up to help cover funeral costs.
 The family has tentative plans to lay Moe Sed to rest on Sunday December 20th, what would have been his birthday.

 Moe Sed's family released this statement:
 "Our family is not sure what to say as we grieve the loss of our son. We are thankful for the support of the police and sheriff's departments and the entire Cedar Valley community for the many ways everyone came together to support our family during this difficult time."


In the hours following the identification of Moe Sed's body, the community has come together in support of his grieving family.

One of the biggest support systems for the family, the religious leaders of Waterloo's Historic Church Row.

Waterloo First United Methodist Pastor Nate Nims, was with the family for more than three hours this morning. 

He says the family is in shock and mourning, but has a sense of peace in knowing where their son is; after nearly 6 weeks of wondering.

The family has been and is continuing to lean on their strong faith.

"To see their faith help them and support them has been inspiring to me and maybe that's not enough for this, but they are such gracious and hopeful people that I know they will make it through. As hard as it is, they'll make it," said Nims. 

In a statement released earlier today, the family thanked the community for their help in looking for Moe Sed and the out pour of support they have received.

"Even though it was not the ending anyone wanted, this was a situation that showed just how much we can and do come together when it matters most. I know they are very thankful for that," said Nims.

For the family's full statement:

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