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New Details in Thanksgiving Arson

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New information following a Thanksgiving arson.

Nicholas Kollasch was charged on Thanksgiving for setting the fire, but he wasn't arrested until this week.
Sources say, following his confession, Kollasch tried to harm himself and was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.
KWWL's Jessica Hartman catches up with the person most affected by the fire.

An early morning fire, the result of an altercation between the alleged arsonist and the resident, hours earlier.
 "I saw someone in the kind of snooping around and it didn't look very good. So I got out of the car pretty quickly and confronted this person," said Evan Stock, owner of the van and band equipment destroyed in the fire.

 After a short exchange, Kollasch left and Stock thought it was done.
 Not expecting the stranger to come back and set fire to three cars and a garage.
"We thought it would all be said and done at that. But came back a little bit later and things got heated up a little bit," said Stock.

After allegedly setting fire to this van, Nicholas Kollasch then returned to the  scene later that morning. That's when Evan Stock recognized and pointed him out to police who were still on scene.

"And that's when I saw him walking down the sidewalk. Right there by that tree over there. I just looked at him like oh year? I know you," explained Stock.

 Kollasch even came up and spoke to Stock.
"He looked at me and was like, Oh what happened here? Was there a fire? And I was like, Yea there was. Because it was still processing in my head. I can't believe it that I am looking at this person right now," said Stock.

Stock says he thought two of his most sentimental guitars were initially lost in the fire along with more than $5,000 dollars in band equipment.
But police found those items in Kollasch's home.

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