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Investigation continues for attempted abduction at Waterloo school bus stop

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A mother is frustrated after no charges can be filed at this time, against a woman who attempted to take her son from a school bus stop.

The woman allegedly lied to the boy's bus driver, saying she was his sister and he needed to drive with her. However, the boy never met her so the bus driver made sure the boy got on the bus safely and then called police.

Many people reached out to KWWL, asking why this woman is not facing charges at this time? Police understand their frustrations but they say they are just as frustrated, because this is a complicated case.

Police say the woman never touched the boy or forced him into her car.

Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka says, "If there would have been physical contact that changes the ball game here. If that child would have ended up displaced from where they were...then that changes the game."

The woman told police she hallucinated, thinking the boy was hurt so she wanted to take him with her.

Angie Gilbert, the boy's mother says, "The woman told police she genuinely thought my son was hurt, but nothing was wrong with him."

Trelka says, "The problem we have is we are unable to disprove what she said because of her obvious mental health crisis."

Chief Trelka even spoke with a county attorney for advice on possible charges at this time, but they were unable to find anything that fits.

"We are not coddling her in any way. It's one of those situations where we don't need a law change or another law, there are laws on the book to address predators for children and she just doesn't fall in that category."

State Senator Jeff Danielson agrees saying, "The best law in the world still wouldn't work unless the community works together. We need to be the eyes and ears of the community...and watch out for one another and help law enforcement."

 The woman remains in the hospital for mental evaluation tonight.

Waterloo Police continue to investigate.

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