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Preventing Rust on Your Car this Winter

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Eastern Iowa survives the first winter storm of the year.
Now it's time to ensure our vehicles survive the rest of the winter season.
KWWL's Jessica Hartman visits a local car wash, where Iowans are being proactive and protecting their vehicles.

"It will rust away and you won't have a car," said Waterfalls Car Wash Supervisor Gerry Bulmer.
A warning echoed by both car wash employees and drivers.

How do you keep the salt, and other chemicals Iowa DOT treats roads with during snow storms, from rusting your car?

Wash your car and wash it often.

"You got to keep it washed, you got to go ahead and invest in the undercarriage washes. A weekly bases, is what I do, minimum," said Craig Cory, Iowan native.

Its not just the outside you need to worry about, those chemicals can also damage the inside of your car.

"Get it vacuumed out on a regular bases, that will keep your carpets and everything on the inside in good condition, If you don't all the mud and salts builds up on the carpets and is hard to get out," said Bulmer.

For those who spend the money each week, they say its an investment in the future of the car.
"Trade in value, you are trying to get the most bang for your buck. So yes, you want to keep your car nice and clean. That way, it helps it from rusting," said Charles Edward Allen Jr, a driver and customer at the Waterfall Car Wash.

"For as much as a car costs today, its well worth it," said Cory.

Employees at the Waterfalls Car Wash in Waterloo say more than 200 vehicles came through in a three hour period.

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