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Fareway: Spiced nuts, candied almonds

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Spiced Nuts

Makes 8 (1/4 cup) servings

Total time: 20 minutes

2/3 cup whole almonds

2/3 cup pecans

2/3 cup walnuts

1 tsp. chili powder

½ tsp. cumin

½ black pepper

½ tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. olive oil


In a large cast iron skillet, TOAST nuts over medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes or until lightly brown and fragrant. COMBINE spices and oil. REMOVE nuts from heat and TOSS with spices.

Approximate nutrition information per ¼ cup: 195 calories; 19 g fat; 2 g saturated fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 151 mg sodium; 5 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber; 4.5 g protein

Candied Almonds

Makes 24 (2 Tbsp. servings)

Total time: 4.5


3 cups whole almonds

1 ½ cup sugar OR sugar substitute equivalent

½ brown sugar OR brown sugar substitute equivalent

3 Tbsp. cinnamon

1 egg white

2 tsp. vanilla


COMBINE egg while and vanilla until frothy. TOSS with almonds. ADD sugar and cinnamon. COOK on low in a crock pot for 4 hours, stirring every 20 minutes.

Approximate nutrition information per serving: 172 calories; 9 g fat; 1 g saturated fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 4 g sodium; 21 g carbohydrate; 2 g fiber; 4 g protein

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