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Pastor reacts to 'red cup controversy'

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"Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off their brand new cups? That's why they're just plain red."

Those are the words of Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor and self-proclaimed "social media personality" who made a video in which he claimed "Starbucks hates Jesus."

That video has gone viral, and has been viewed millions of times.

"I decided instead of simply boycotting, lets start a movement," said Feuerstein.

Feuerstein is encouraging people to tell Starbucks baristas their names are "Merry Christmas" so they write it on their cups.

The video comes after Starbucks decided to remove "symbols of the season" from their cups.

The Starbucks Vice President said in a statement they want to "usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories."

"I feel as if they should still have the Christmas symbols on the cups, just because it's part of Christmas," said Raylynn Shearon of Waterloo.

But many don't feel the same way.

"I think that if the church is getting upset over the color of a coffee cup, then we're the ones that need Jesus the most," said Nate Nims, a pastor at First United Methodist Church in Waterloo.

He says symbols of the season is not what Christmas is about.

"If we act like Christmas is a birthday party for us, that we can throw tantrums if it doesn't go our way, then we missed the point," said Nims.

Following that, Nims says Jesus never said to care about coffee, instead, he said to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and give back to others.

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