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Adidas brand works to rid schools of Native American mascots

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About 2,000 schools nationwide have Native American mascots, athletic brand Adidas says.  And if things go their way, that number will soon be zero.

The company announcing this week they'll help pay any costs associated with changing the school's mascot.  They said they'd even lend their design team expertise to help get the job done.

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin has long been the home of the Blackhawks.  But they've been in a nearly decade long process now of getting rid of the Native American mascot that had adorned their school.

Superintendent Drew Johnson said they've already replaced a number of things, including the gym floor, and have changed the logo they use, including on a number of school jerseys.

As for if he'll take up Adidas on their offer?

"This is just something we'll take a look at. I don't know if it's of value to us, but we will take a look at it," he said.

For the most part, their gradual move has been pretty well accepted, with an occasional person or two hoping for the mascot to remain unchanged.  But he says it's only a matter of time before there are no more Native American mascots.

"They're days are numbered," he said.

Local business owner Todd Yeomans says any mascot change, whether it be politically motivated or just because schools merge, have an affect on his business.

He said old school apparel becomes basically worthless once the mascot has changed.

"You would think some fans would be a little nostalgic, and maybe buy the old school's mascot and that sort of thing. But typically, they want to move on," Yeomans said.

He acknowledged the flip side of the coin, though.

"Once they've adjusted to the change, they're usually in here looking to buy the new merchandise," he said.

But all of this wondering still very theoretical as schools across the nation try to decide if they want to take Adidas up on their offer.

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