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Domestic dispute causes a scene in Cedar Falls

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A woman is not pressing charges after a domestic dispute creates a spectacle at an Eastern Iowa strip mall.

The dispute happened at the strip mall across from Midway Studios motel in Cedar Falls.

The man was detained, but never arrested.

The man told officers he did nothing wrong, but witnesses say the opposite, saying they saw him screaming at a woman in the motel parking lot.

Witnesses say he pulled out a bat and dragged her into a car.

The two ended up at the strip mall across the street.

"She started running," said Candis Rogers, a witness. "Then he runs after her with a wooden baseball bat in his hand." 

Witnesses say after chasing the woman with a bat, he caught her, and dragged her into the car.

That's when they called police.

At the strip mall, the man screamed at the woman while he was surrounded by officers, telling the woman to tell officers she drove and not him, and that he loves her.

Rogers say it was a scary scene at the motel, "he screamed at me 'what are you looking at?' with a bunch of profanities, and then he jumps in the car with her legs hanging out of the car."

She continued, "there was no way she drove. I watched her legs, they weren't even in the car, when he was driving away," said Rogers.

Officers detained the man so they could talk to him and the woman separately, but after all the activity, she ended up not pressing charges.

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