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TONIGHT AT 10: Flu Shot? Ask 4 It

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Have you seen fewer co-workers in your building the last few weeks? If you're a student, maybe a few more empty desks? It's a real possibility those sick days are piling up for some folks.

The flu impacts people every year. The sneezing, the coughing and the awful body aches that make you just want to crawl back into bed.

The flu is nothing new, but the discussion this year is. People are hearing about the options available when it comes to the flu shot, as well as sifting through the load of information about them.

The two options for the flu shot this year are the trivalent vaccine, or 3-strain, and the quadrivalent vaccine, also called the 4-strain.

When I started talking to people and asking them about the options, many didn't even know there was an option. Some people who got a flu shot this year knew which strain they received, while others were unsure.

I also talked to pharmacists to get their take on the options this year. We asked questions like, how many people do you think are informed? What's the difference between the 3-strain and the 4-strain? Should you seek out one or the other?

Tune in tonight to the KWWL News at 10, as we clear up the confusion.


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