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Hotel haunted by ghost of 1920's prostitute

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Check into the Franklin  Hotel in Strawberry Point...and you might just be in for a spooky surprise.

"Most all of the apartments at one time or another, they've had sightings or they've talked about hearing things in the hallway," said Billi Jo Eckheart,  whose worked at the hotel for 20 years.

Word is...the more than 100 year old hotel is haunted.

"We had people who would come in and tell us that we had a presence and that it was a woman and we know that she was a prostitute," added Eckheart

Many have said they've seen the ghost of a prostitute known as Lilly from the 1920's. Legend has it, room number 7 in the hotel was Lilly's.

The owner says he saw her once walking around the dining room in a long lavender gown. 

Eckheart has encountered her own experiences with Lilly.

"Lily's never done anything bad.  She's kind of a  jokester  more than anything.  We've had a kitchen knife disappear days on end and all of a sudden it'll be back." 

Jokester or not -- a mystery remains.

"Did Lilly die here...why is her ghost here?" asked KWWL reporter Shirley Descorbeth. 

"We don't know, we figured that she worked here, but we don't know why she stayed," said Eckheart.

Over the years, people have been visiting the hotel, including ghost hunters to found out if this legend is true.

The ghost,  Lilly was named by a blind man who lived at the Franklin Hotel for many years.

Many people also say there's a ghost of a little boy there too. 

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