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Mother of kids on rolled over West Delaware bus speaks out

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Monte Klink, the man that was driving a car that failed to yield and hit a school bus, causing it to roll over, was arrested Thursday morning.

The Iowa State Patrol charged him with serious injury by motor vehicle, operating while under the influence, failure to obey yield sign and failure to provide financial liability.

Court documents show Klink tested positive for meth in his system after the crash.

Kendra Goranson had two kids on the bus that day, and said her stomach dropped when she heard the news that a bus had been hit.  She didn't know if her kids were on the bus, but hadn't heard from them, and had a sinking feeling.

"That was the worst part, the not knowing," she said.

Her 7-year-old daughter suffered scrapes and bruises, but her 8-year-old son was thrown over the front seat, and landed on the stairs where he was knocked out.  He had a cut to the back of his head, but Goranson said it looked much worse when she first saw him.

"My initial seeing them when they brought us back there, he had blood all over his shirt, you know, so it looks ten times worse than it is. So that just instantly makes you cry, seeing your kids like that," she said.

But when she heard the news that Klink was allegedly under the influence, she wasn't happy.

"I was instantly angry," she said. "It hurts. And it angers me. Because it could've been so much worse that day, and it just, it's hard to think about, and it was hard to read."

Klink has bonded out of jail and will appear in court Wednesday.

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