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Student petitions to stop Trump's Iowa school visit

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Not only is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump facing lower numbers in Iowa, but there's an effort to keep him out of a rally.

An online petition is asking the Superintendent of Sioux City's schools to not allow Trump to use West High School for his speech.

The former student who created the petition calls Trump "a bully," and says Trump is threatening the Latino community. He helped start a petition calling for Trump to hold his rally elsewhere.

The petition now has more than 1,000 signatures. It says the presidential candidate "doesn't belong in Iowa schools."

"He's influencing a lot of people to hate... certain groups of people," said Francisco Valadez, a graduate of West High School who created the petition.

The petition specifically cites his rhetoric towards Hispanics, but the school's superintendent is calling the rally a "real opportunity."

"We recognize that there may be some who support or oppose any specific candidate, but this is a real opportunity to allow the educational process about the democratic process to continue," said Dr. Paul Gausman, the Superintendent of Sioux City Schools.

Gausman says this isn't the District supporting bullying in any manner, rather abiding by school board policy.

Some students are citing the school District's anti-bullying policies as a reason not to allow Trump to hold his rally at West High School.

In a statement, Gausman also said "As a District we do not endorse nor support any political party or candidate. We treat each rental request on a content neutral basis."

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