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"I'm Dead, Now What?" UNI professor reacts to campus shooting

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In the wake of recent shootings, one University of Northern Iowa instructor is asking his students how they would respond to an active shooter.

Students say it's an uncomfortable conversation that needs discussed.

Following a defense training course, University of Northern Iowa Instructor Marty Hansen recently learned the teacher is a gunman's first target in a campus shooting.

So, he took to social media and asked his students how they would respond if he died.

"It's scary. It's a scary situation you think is never going to happen to you," UNI Senior, Courtney Clark said.

"When they finally did speak up, their answers were somewhat different, and there was some nervous banter about it as well, because it's an uncomfortable topic,"  Marten Hansen said.

"My initial reaction was to cry, and if anyone came into my classroom and that would happen I would probably break down," Courtney Clark said.

"At first it's a little uncomfortable, but then you see the importance, and you really need to be talking about it just in case it happens," UNI Senior, Cayle Boatman said.

Mr. Hansen says he now locks his door during class. So, if a student is late, they actually have to text him a special message to get inside. Granted, it's not fool proof, but it does buy some time for students behind the door in case there's and active shooter.

"I think we all learned that we all need to have a plan, and we all need to have the same plan, because if we do different things it's not going to end well," Boatman said.

Hansen says the University of Northern Iowa professors and instructors in that training learned several ways to keep students safe in the event of an active shooter.

He says all university should be stepping up their safety measures, following recent shootings.

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