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Burn Bans affect multiple counties

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Wind and sunshine, it's been the theme of fall this year across the area.

A burn ban is in place for more than a dozen counties, and may not be lifted until we receive a measurable amount of rain.

 "Can't burn leaves currently right now, sticks, things that may be yard waste that's in your yard, those types of things are not allowed in the burn ban," said Brad Ransford, Captain at the Hiawatha Fire Department.

During the burn ban there is no open burning but you can still have bonfires in fire pits with a cover.

Those who burn prairies as part of their job, take burn bans seriously.

 "If it's announced there is a burn ban or a red flag day, we just simply do not burn, we just stand down and say we're not going to burn today at all," said Dave Novak, Manager of Prairie Oak Restoration LLC.

Even cigarettes can be risky in the current conditions.

 "We ask that they don't toss their cigarettes out the window, that could cause a grass fire, field fire," said Ransford.

We are told if you are anxious to burn, under a burn ban, patience is important.

 "I can understand that feeling, where you want to get the job done okay, because you have four, or five, or six other jobs in line to get done that same day, I know what that's like," said Novak.

Fire officials say you are still able to grill.

If you need to burn during the ban, it needs to be approved by a fire chief in your district.

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