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Combatting Meth in Iowa

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Meth is a huge problem in the state of Iowa, but now a highly concentrated form of the drug is on the rise here and Senator Chuck Grassley wants to change that.

"There's a lot coming in due to the supply and demand," says Lt. Corbin Payne of the Waterloo Police Department's Tri-County Drug Enforcement Team.

He says a pure form of meth is coming across the border and into Iowa.

"Our lab results indicate around 97-98 percent pure meth compared to the meth from home-based meth labs can be anywhere from 45-60 percent, so the yield is much higher," Payne says.

And Payne and his team are working hard to get it off Iowa's streets.

"Since this meth has been on the rise in the last four years, we've seized probably 60 to 70 pounds of ice meth, with the value of $3 to 4 million dollars."

Meth trafficking is a big problem to take on, considering the amount of meth labs here in Iowa have decreased in recent years.

"It's a major problem especially because of the money that's involved with the transportation, the sale distribution of meth and also more than likely we see weapons involved with the seizure of this cash and drugs," Payne says.

Senator Chuck Grassley wants to help, by bringing these points to the legislation,  to keep this form of meth in Mexico and ultimately out of Iowa.

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