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ReConserve of Iowa expected to smolder after fire

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Crews are keeping a close eye on what's left of an Eastern Iowa business destroyed by fire.

Ten fire departments were called too ReConserve of Iowa at 3822 Buffalo Ridge Road just before 8:30 last night.

After more than  seven hours, the fire was out, but has sat smoldering since and it expected to continue smoldering for at least another day.

As flames took over ReConserve of Iowa, firemen struggled to get water inside.

 "I compare a big steel building like that kind of like a pizza oven, you know it's all sealed up, it's metal all the way around. It takes a long time for the fire to burn through all that metal," said Ron French, Assistant Fire Chief at Anamosa.

Since the building wasn't stable enough to send firemen in, crews used what they could to get water in from the outside.

An aerial truck let's them get water in from up above, but they also used other tools so they could attack from the side.

 "We were cutting holes into the sides of the building, just to open it up so we could get hose stream in there and try to cool it down," said French.

With the fire out now, different challenges arise.

 "We've got a lot of grain storage in there and grain is like similar to hay bails, it's a very tight compacted type that the fire will burn and as soon as you get air to it, it just rekindles right away," French  told us.

Firefighter don't want to give the wind a chance to spread burning embers still underneath, or cause it to reignite.

 "Fire needs oxygen to and when you've got a windy day that's just feeding more oxygen into the fire," said French.

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