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Uncontrolled intersections discussed

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Uncontrolled intersections can be dangerous for drivers, and even if you're walking.

There's a new batch of college students every semester who are new to the neighborhoods.

After speaking with Cedar Falls Police, they say uncontrolled intersections aren't a big concern, but drivers and people walking say something different.

"I always treat the uncontrolled intersections like they're stop signs, because you never know what kind of driver is going to be coming down the road," UNI student, Kaitlyn Morris said.

If you're used to signs, approaching an uncontrolled intersection tells you to go without looking.

"You can really get hit pretty easily out here," UNI student Jordan Ratz said.

Uncontrolled intersections aren't only dangers for drivers but people walking as well. I spoke to several UNI students today who say they use more caution when walking through uncontrolled intersections, like the one here at Iowa and West 26th.

"Especially at the ones that don't have any signs it can get kind of scary. You really have to be watching out for cars, and even if there is a Yield sign then I'm really cautious. Especially when the cars are all parked on a a certain side of the street it's hard to see them coming," Ratz said.

Sophomore nursing student, Kaitlyn Morris, says she's had several close calls.

"The cars just come at you really quick sometimes, and you have to be cautious, and well aware what's going on in the situation. I personally think we should put in stop signs, but they're really popular in Cedar Falls." signs I don't really worry about," Morris said.

Police say speed limit signs are also rarely posted in residential areas, where you normally see uncontrolled intersections.

As a reminder, the speed limit in those areas is always 25 miles per hour.

According to Police, if you know of a busy uncontrolled intersection where you would like to see a Stop or Yield sign, you can contact your city council leaders.


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