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Two acts of violence break out at Cedar Falls school park

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Neighbors are voicing their concerns after two extremely violent incidents break out at a local park.

The first, an assault including ten people, the second, an assault and robbery.

They both happened at the park at Cedar Heights Elementary in Cedar Falls.

In both cases, 18-year-old Lyric Mims is accused of being involved.

She was arrested for a fight at the park in June, where police say she used a crowbar to attack three different men.

In September, police say Mims agreed to meet a man she talked to online at the park around 3 am.

Shortly after meeting, police say a group of people came out of the bushes and beat and robbed the man.

Neighbors say people have been buzzing about the incidents for the past few weeks, shocked that something like this happened at a public elementary park, in what's always been considered an extremely safe neighborhood.

"We were really shocked at the recent incident," said one neighbor, who requested not to be identified.

Neighbors say kids hang at the park all the time, even late at night, and it's never bothered them, but they never expected this caliber of violence on two separate occasions. 

"It really doesn't seem like it fits this area at all," said another neighbor.

In late September, police say 18-year-old Mims met another 18-year-old man at the park around 3 am.

Shortly after, a group of unknown suspects came out of the bushes and robbed him after brutally attacking him.

Neighbors say the man then went a few houses down from the park, bloodied and beaten, and asked for help.

"I just get a pit in my stomach thinking 'oh, not here, not here,'" said one neighbor.

But it did happen there, twice.

Just months prior, Mims was arrested for attacking three men with a crowbar at the same park.

She was charged with three counts of aggravated assault.

Now, neighbors can only hope it doesn't happen again.

"I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice."

Police are still looking for the people who assaulted and robbed the 18-year-old man in September.

If you have any information, call the Cedar Falls police.

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