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Cedar Falls student takes bullies head on

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A case of cyber-bullying out of Cedar Falls has one student taking bullies head on.

The bullying all stemmed from a homecoming jello wrestling tradition at the Cedar Falls High School.

Jello wrestling has been a tradition at the school for quite some time, and despite police finding no illegal activity at the event, sources close to the situation say some students got in trouble at school for participating.

Students took to Twitter to air their grievances about the incident, all picking on one student and using her as a scapegoat.

That student, Allie Taiber, says it was clear the students had to find a scapegoat, someone to blame for why others were getting in trouble.

But instead of letting the tweets  bring her down, she took her bullies head on.

Allie Taiber is a typical teenage girl, and like most typical teenage girls in 2015, she has a Twitter account.

"I had hundreds of notifications from people I didn't even know and at that point I was kind of shocked," said Allie.

The tweets came hurling at Allie one after another.

"Somebody heard it was me and then ran with it," she said.

Allie says after students started getting in trouble with the administration following the jello wrestling event, the event she says is against school rules, and one she didn't partake in, she somehow became the scapegoat.

"She said mom I'm in the bathroom, Twitter is awful, she said I need to call you right now," said Allie's mother, Emily Allaire.

"At that point I kinda broke down about it," said Allie.

But that didn't last long for her.

She decided to use what happened to her to try to get to the root of bullying.

"My mindset kind of changed and I thought I should turn this into something positive," said Allie. " I just got into the school newspaper and I thought what a better thing to write an article about."

In the article, Allie interviews one of her bullies.

He owns up to his mean tweets and apologizes.

"No matter what I did, even if I did snitch, it gives you no write to say some of those things to people," said Allie.

In her own words, everyone is worth it, no one has the right to say otherwise.

Allie's article can be found here.

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