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Edward Snowden speaks in Iowa City

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One of America's most wanted men spoke to Iowans Monday night.

Edward Snowden, spoke live through a video chat from an undisclosed location in Russia, to a lecture in Iowa City about national security.

Snowden is wanted for leaking classified information from the NSA.

Some consider him a patriot, while others call him a traitor to the United States.

 "I've read terrorist communications professionally, I know what these people are really like, they're not masterminds. They're the disenfranchised, the angry, the poor that are lashing out," said Edward Snowden.

He joined former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and FBI whistleblower, Coleen Rowley for the lecture.

"This is obviously not to say that communism was a superior model, but what we can say was that they had a narrative. They argued with us, they tried to win, and because of that we had to find ways to be superior," said Snowden during the lecture.

Snowden fled to Russia and has since been seeking asylum.

The lecture tonight was put on by the University of Iowa Lecture Committee and Veterans for Peace.

"We haven't had too many questions about it being affiliated with the University, because that is kind of lecture committee's charge is bringing thought provoking speakers who invite discussion and debate and sometimes that is controversial but that's kind of why we exists especially in a liberal and fine arts institution," said Carter Bell, Chair of the University of Iowa Lecture Committee.

We are told the University funded this event through a private fund the Lecture Committee has access to, with money coming from a private donor.

Lectures are usually funded through student activity fees, but tonight's was not.

The money from tonight's event is going to a nonprofit of Edward Snowden's choice.

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