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The Mark Farley Interview Week Three

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    Get the latest news and sports information about the University of Northern Iowa Panthers sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.More >>
    Get the latest news and sports information about the University of Northern Iowa Panthers sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.More >>

Head football Coach Mark Farley of the Northern Iowa Panthers. The Panthers back with a bbig 34-21 win over a very good Cal Poly team. Coach you played a complete game on both sides of the football to beat a very good football team out there.

Mark: It was a great team win.. the offense came out on fire and got the first 21 points in the first quarter--first three possessions and I thought the defense played well for the first 53 minutes.

Rick: That was a case of the offense and defense working together--the Offense getting a big lead and Cal Poly has a great running game but not a team that can come back quickly.

Mark: We really felt we needed to come out quickly and take the crowd out of it.and more importantly it was that wishbone offense that if they get ahead they can control the clock..

Rick: What were the keys for your offense in getting that big lead..

Mark: The players went out on the field with a purpose and the prep and execution in the run game it opened up the passing game for Aaron Bailey..

Rick And Fountain had a ig game with more than 100 yards receiving and Tyvus Smith a big game rushing the football..

Mark: They both did but Fountain had the best game of his career so far he is in his second year with us...he had 8 catches for more than 100 yards and made a great catch down the sideline to ignite us.

Rick: You said your defense would have just five days to prepare for an offense that has been doing what it does for the last five years... and you got it done.

Mark: And we did --I was so proud of our defense how we stepped up--that was a very disciplined style of defense we had to play--we had to have the dive, the pitch, the quarterback and we had to do it continually play after play-we took 90 snaps and 53 of those 60 minutes we were excellent--we cracked a little bit..but we came away with a big win..

Rick: Very young coaching staff..;having to bring this all together so quickly--kudos go out out to those guys..

Mark: Definitely Kudos to those guys--for the coaching staff to turn this thing around from that first game to the past two football games--we put ourselves in a good position in the this open date but now we have to make sure we handle the success that we've had and yet get better and move forward..because we are actually going into tougher games now.

Rick ..Illinois State after the bye week ..What is the bye week going to consist of?

Mark The bye Week will consist of one: We want to move forward and reevaluate our talent. I think we have a great understanding of that..make sure we are playing everyone in the right position according to their strength..But also find who the backup players are that maybe can help us in case of injury..

Rick: Go on the road next week to Illinois State and we will devote a whole segment next week to that to talk about the Redbirds because they are pretty good...

Mark the rankings just came out we have four of the top seven teams in the country in our league and we have two of them in the next two weeks our next two or three weeks are as brutal as the past three--we just need to lineup and put our nose to the grindstone and get ready to play.

Rick.. We will talk about it then--Coach Mark Farley.

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