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People respond to religion in politics

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The Pope's visit has an impact on politics, but will GOP candidates maintain conservative platforms or follow the Pontiff's new direction?

Local people are expressing their thoughts about the importance of religion during a presidential campaign.

A new poll shows overwhelming support from Catholics for the Pope's new direction.

Meanwhile, Catholic GOP presidential candidates maintain their own conservative platforms.

Political analyst, Chris Larimer, said voters are ultimately concerned about issues like the economy, immigration, and education. 

"We know on a number of issues the Pope is closer to President Obama than some of the Republican candidates, but it's not as though a strong Republican voter, sitting at home and seeing the Pope standing next to President Obama is going to change his or her mind to vote for the president," Larimer said.

But, Larimer agrees many voters take religion into consideration when casting their ballot.

"I think we need to stick to our Protestant, Catholic, and all of our Christianity, and our president should be of that type of belief," former teacher Ruth Erickson said.

"I think as long as a candidate keeps their religion out of how they vote for bills or see certain topics; as long as they try to keep that separated so it's not influencing their decision," UNI student, Jamie Crispin said.

Religion is also important to more than Catholics and Republicans.

Hillary Clinton has been recently talking more about her Methodist faith.

"She was also struggling with traits like honesty, trust, warmth and compassion. So, I think highlighting her faith is an attempt to help with those factors," Larimer said.

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