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Spiders, are there more of them around this fall?

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They are creepy and crawly and there seems to be more of them than normal.
Spider webs and spiders seem to be everywhere right now, and you can blame cooler weather.

"And this time of year, a lot of the animals, insects, small mammals; everything tries to find warmer places when we get those first few cold nights," said Ed Gruenwald, the Director of the Hartman Reserve Nature Center.
 According to Gruenwald there isn't an increase in the number of spiders; they are just more noticeable as they look for warmer shelter.

 They make their way in through the obvious windows and doors, but also small wiring holes on the outside of buildings, which can easily be plugged up with insulating foam.
    They may be a pest, but for the most part, there isn't anything to worry about.
 "They're not dangerous and unless you have a true infestation, which can happen. If you are spotting the same type of insect three times a day more than that, you can consider that you have an infestation," said Gruenwald.
     One insect population that peaks during this time, bees and hornets.
 "They build up their populations through out the year, so this is the end of the year, so they've built up their maxim population," said Gruenwald.

    We can expect to continue to see the spiders, bees and other insects until the first frost later this year.

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