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UPDATE: Dozens of Plainfield students sent home sick

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In accordance with Nashua-Plainfield Intermediate School policy, the students who were out sick yesterday have been asked to stay home today.

School police says students must be symptom-free for 24-hours before they can come back to school.

School officials have received the results of the water test, which came back negative.

They will have a conference call with the Iowa Department of Health this afternoon to discuss the results of food and stool samples.

There has been no cases of the illness in new students, today.


Nearly half the student population at one Eastern Iowa school is home sick.

60 middle school students at Plainfield Intermediate School were sent home following stomach bug-like symptoms, including vomiting.

"My daughter is fine, she goes to the the school, I've talked to a few other parents and their kids aren't sick either," said Lynne Fundermann.

But many kids are sick, and the district isn't sure exactly what caused this random bought of illness.

They say they're scrubbing the building from top to bottom.

"It sounds like more a food poisoning thing than anything, I guess time will tell if it spreads," said Fundermann.

School officials say they're taking every measure possible to make sure kids are safe, including giving kids bottled water and making their lunches in an entirely different building.

The superintendent says they've also sent water samples along with samples from students to the local and state health departments to rule out contaminants.

It was definitely an usual day for Plainfield students, but parents say they're thankful for how the school is handling it.

"They're taking the steps they need to protect the kids and that's all we can really ask for," said Fundermann.

The Bremer County Health Department says this situation isn't rare, but but they're testing all avenues possible to get to the bottom of what happened.

Test results from the samples won't be in for a few days.

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