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Solon opts out of Johnson County minimum wage hike

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Solon is opting out of raising the minimum wage for its workers despite Johnson County approving a minimum wage hike last week.

The City Council in Solon voted to pass an ordinance exempting them from the higher wages.

Many people were at the meeting and were given the opportunity to speak ahead of the vote.

"Why do you want us to keep suffering like generation after generation, please, do not do it now," said Mazahir Salih, Vice President of the Center for Worker Justice.

Despite multiple similar requests, the city council went ahead with the vote.

Many people who spoke up during the meeting felt like they weren't listened to.

"They went as if they already talked about it and they already decided what they're gonna do regardless of the public people," said Salih.

Following the meeting, many people were fired up.

"To the council members that voted today, they have to look at themselves in the mirror but I know I could not look at myself in the mirror after having taken that vote," said Paul Iverson, a volunteer for the Center of Worker Justice.

Many people in attendance did not live in Solon, but some of them who live and work in the town had differing views.

 "I'm glad, I don't think small companies or small businesses should be forced to pay a higher wage and I don't know a lot of people who live here that work here in town agree that it should go up," said Janine Murphy, who works in Solon.

Despite many debates on both sides, Solon voted to go through with the ordinance exempting them from the Johnson County minimum wage increase.

Johnson County plans to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour by 2017.

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