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Iowa ranked 3rd for deer crashes

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You're more likely to hit a deer in Iowa than in almost any other place in the country. 

According to a new  survey, Iowa is ranked 3rd in the country for the number of deer crashes. Only West Virginia and South Dakota have more annual crashes with deer.

The odds that Iowa drivers will collide with a deer increased 13 percent since last year.

The State Farm survey says the chances Iowa drivers will hit a deer are 1 in 68. 

Well we certainly have a lot of crashes, uh especially during the rut or breeding season, which gets more common at that point in time,"  said Sargent Jon Behne with the the Dubuque County Sheriff's Office. 

Those accidents are most likely to happen in November and December because the harvest gets deer moving.

"The farmers are also in the fields  combining corn and soybeans, which is forcing a lot of deer out of the fields where they've lived most of the summer which is also moving them around more and on the to roadways," said Behne. 

Authorities say one of the roads with the most deer crashes here in Dubuque County is US-52 North because  it's such a winding road, but  there are also others."

"Especially highway 151 and  61 as well.  So,  again  come rut, any road is susceptible to having a deer accident at this time of the year," added Behne. 

So, if you're hitting the road ways -- drive safe and use extra precautions. 

Some of those precautions you can take to help reduce the chances of crashing with a deer is to slowing down while driving, use your bright lights if possible, and  just pay more attention. 

A deer accident can be costly.  The average car insurance claim in an accident involving a deer is about $4,000.

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