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Hillary Clinton in Cedar Falls

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A recent Quinnipiac Poll suggests Bernie Sanders has passed Hillary Clinton's support in Iowa.

It shows Sanders leading Clinton 41 to 40 percent in a sample of a little more than 800 people.

On Monday, Hillary Clinton made a stop in Cedar Falls, speaking to an audience of mostly students at the University of Northern Iowa.

More than 500 people were in attendance.

"I know what we have to do to protect our security and to meet the big challenges," she says.

For the first time during her campaign, Clinton addressed the issue of sexual assault on college campuses and focused her speech on that issue.

UNI Student Malcolm Musoni says, "It's a very big issue and I don't feel like it's getting enough coverage and I'm happy that she brought awareness to it at UNI."

She says she has a plan to end sexual assault on college campuses.

"As president, I'll fight to make sure every campus offers every survivor the support she needs and will make sure those services are comprehensive, confidential and coordinated," she said. "It needs to end."

She focused on her speech and not on the fact that new polls show Bernie Sander's support on the rise. KWWL had the chance to ask her if she's worried about that.

"I'm not...I'm not... you're supposed to have an election, you're supposed to have a contest," she says.

Even though this was a "Women for Hillary" rally in Iowa- the polls show, the biggest decline is from women.

"Polls change and attention and decision-making change...I feel very confident where we are in the campaign and very commuted to doing everything I can do to make my case effectively to women and men."

Clinton says she believes that it's a great thing there is so much interest on the democratic side- and she looks forward to the debate, next month.

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