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Love letters and auto shop worker testifies in murder trial

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Day two in Black Hawk County murder case that's surrounded around sex, meth, and an auto shop. Anthony Tronca is charged with murder in the first degree.

Prosecutors say he shot and killed Ronald Randall at AJT Auto Shop in Waterloo in 2014. They say he was mad because Randall had sex with Tronca's girlfriend.

Tronca's girlfriend, Jessica Ogden took the stand again Friday and the prosecution read some love letters Tronca sent her while he was in jail. 

"At the end does it say 'man I love you," said Linda Fangman, county attorney.

"Yes," said Ogden. 

"The person that stole all our memories of our girls, you slept with him and shook your ass for him all day and probably longer," said Fangman. 

Jeremiah Grigg also took the stand. He worked at Tronca's auto shop with Randall.

He says the day before Randall was killed, Tronca interrogated Ogden and Randall in front of him. He says Tronca also admitted he killed Randall

"He told me he shot him twice in the chest with a .45, emptied a .380 clip in his head and his crew wrapped him up in plastic, put him in the trunk of a green car that was in the shop," said Grigg.

Grigg then said Tronca explained how they cleaned up the room where Randall had been shot. 

"How was his demeanor when he was telling you this?" said Fangman.
"He was carefree, like he done the world a favor," said Grigg.

Witnesses to the crime also said there was a lot of meth use during this whole situation.

The defense declined to give opening statements Thursday. Tronca is pleading not guilty. 

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