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Anthony Tronca murder trial begins Monday

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A Waterloo murder trial centers around sex, drugs and guns. Anthony Tronca is accused of first degree murder in the death of Ronald Randall.

It happened about a year ago. Prosecutors says Tronca shot and killed Randall at his business, "AJT Auto" in Waterloo. They say Tronca was mad because Randall slept with his girlfriend. 

"Anthony Tronca thought he was safe because what happens in the garage, stays in the garage," said Linda Fangman, county attorney.

The weekend before Randall died, Tronca was moving his wife, her children, along with his girlfriend, Jessica Ogden and her children to live at the auto shop. It was during that move, when Ogden says she had sex with Randall.

"After he asked you and you admitted it, what happened then?" said Fangman. 
"He said something had to be done about it," said Ogden. 

Curtis Rademacher was helping move the Tronca's too. He says when Tronca heard the news, he took Rademacher and Randall into a room. They smoked some meth, but moments later Rademacher says Tronca shot Randall. 

"Tronca pulls out a gun and all the sudden fires off a few rounds aimed at Ronald," said Rademacher. 

"Does he says anything prior to firing the gun?" said Fangman.  

"Yeah he said did you f my wife," said Rademacher.

This trial is expected to last three weeks. 

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