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Gas prices hit record low in ten years

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According to AAA, we are seeing the lowest Labor Day gas prices since 2004.

The national average today is $2.43 and here in Iowa, we are just two cents above that.

KWWL stopped by a few gas stations and talked with people filling up for the holiday.

With the price per gallon a dollar less than this time last year, drivers say they are hitting the road more.

With the holiday weekend well under way, gas stations were busy with drivers filling up.
With the state average at $2.45, some drivers are shocked.
"They normally go up around the holidays, but I am surprised to see it as low as it is now," said Bret Trasamar of Waterloo.

But most are happy to see the lowest prices in over 10 years and they are taking advantage of the savings.
"Yes, this is my first year in Iowa, and I plan on visiting different places that I haven't been," said James Armstrong, a new resident of Waterloo. "So I am going to take the opportunity while gas prices are low to explore Iowa a little bit."

For most of us, gas is a necessity that we have to bit the bullet and pay for. So even the smallest drop in price is nice to see.

"You have to have gas. I mean we can't walk and I am not going to ride a bike cause that wouldn't be safe for the people around me," said Gale Barber in Waterloo. "So yea, I think its great. So its wonderful and we'll look forward to Christmas and maybe bellow two dollars."

According to AAA gas prices are expected to continue to fall. Possibly bellow $2.00 nationwide by Christmas.

I don't think any of us will complain about having a little extra cash during the holidays.

And the state with the lowest average gas price is South Carolina, having already hit the two dollar mark.

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