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University of Iowa students tell us what they want to see in their new president

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J. Bruce Harreld, new University of Iowa president J. Bruce Harreld, new University of Iowa president

With a new president, some changes can likely be expected at some point.

I spoke with students at the University of Iowa today about what they would like to see in their new president.

Students were pretty specific about what qualities they were looking for.

Many students told me they would like their president to take a stand when it comes to gender equality.

"It's be really great to have a president who's willing to decrease the rates on sexual assault on campus," said Mercedes Rasso.

Mercedes told me she is a concerned student when it comes to this topic, and she was not the only one.

 "I think the big thing that I hear a lot of people taking about it, the Night Ride thing you know we talk a lot about gender equality and it's just like, I feel like there's a weird interpretation about what that actually means," said David Arrington, another student.

Night Ride is a safe means of transportation on campus for women after dark.

Students also said they want someone that will care about them.

"I expect him or her to be more student oriented, somebody that wants to take the university to the next level at all the different specialties," said Waddah Moghran, a student.

"You know I'm really just looking for someone that's going care about the students," Arrington told me.

These weren't the only common themes, students also told me they're hoping the new president can boost the Hawkeye spirit, something they said seems to be lacking this year.

 "I would hope to see a lot more school spirit, kind of engaging more with the students I guess," said Brittany Clary, a student.

"Definitely bringing people together and just more campus spirit overall I would say," added Alexis Budd.

Students are hoping Bruce Harreld can do these things, as they told me they are excited to see a new person as president.

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