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East Buchanan bond issue would increase student safety

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School elections are just a few days away.

 Many districts will be picking new school board members.
 But for one area school district, the September 8th ballot is focused on student safety.

The $7.1 million proposed bond for East Buchanan Schools would provide funding for five major additions to the district.
 At the top of the list is a safe room for severe weather.

The students at East Buchanan K-12 are happy and care free as they carry on a normal day of school.
But the community is looking towards the future and in a recent survey ranked the addition of a tornado safe room at the top of the list of school improvements.
"I can name a dozen schools in the area that with in the last four years have put in safety rooms in." said East Buchanan Superintendent Dan Fox. "I think our community has seen that and they think, if those kids get to be safe, why can't our kids be safe?"

 Current safety plans have the entire school packing into three hallways for any severe weather threats.

The planned safe room would be able to hold all students and staff and would be built to with stand the strongest of severe weather.
"With FEMA, that should with hold an F-5 tornado and right now, I doubt if our building could with hold that," said Fox.

 The new space will also fill other needs for the district.
"Hopefully we never ever have to use that. so what are we going to use for it?" said Fox. "Well right now if you would look at our multi purpose room, its a wrestling room, weight room. We store football equipment stuff there. Its just a packed room."

On a daily bases, if built, the space would serve as the new wrestling room and an indoor area for elementary recess during cold weather.

Also on the list of improvements under the proposed bond is a new gym, stage, industrial tech classroom, and greenhouse.

If passed the bond would increase property taxes for the average homeowner by $2.70 per month for the next 20 years.

For more information: eastbuchananschools.com

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