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East Dubuque superintendent Greg Herbst explains his side of the story

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Class is back in session at East Dubuque Schools, but it almost started with a rough start. Prior to classes starting, superintendent Greg Herbst was placed on administrative leave by the school board,  but the reason was kept quiet until recently. 

KWWL sat down with Herbst and got his side of the  story.

"There was a complaint filed and the board had done an investigation and they decided to place me on  leave at that point," he said.

He admits that complaint came from the principal of the elementary school but wouldn't go into detail.

However, documents obtained by our coverage partners the TH Media show principal Michelle Till complained to the board because Herbst failed to give her performance evaluations.

But he says she had complaints from parents.

When asked why he didn't perform the evaluations his reason was, "it  would  be fair to say that throughout the course of the year that there are times that the superintendent would receive concerns from parents regarding any area of things."

As for now, Herbst says he's dedicated his life to education, so this incident hasn't been  easy.

"I've given everything I have for 27 years, so to have that event happen  to me on July 1st, I don't know if I have words for it." 

Herbst says he is a private person so he really wants to put this whole ordeal behind him.  Right now, he wants to focus on the new school year. 

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