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Men take on height of Mount Everest to battle cancer

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Two local men have taken on the challenge of climbing the height of Mount Everest and they are doing it to help support a young girl fighting for her life.

Clearly you can't really climb Mount Everest in Cedar Falls, Iowa, but you can climb the length of it on a rope.

Cruse Aarhus will be spending the next month climbing almost 30,000 feet to raise money for 23 month old Avery Flick.

Avery has stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare muscle cancer that recently took nearly half of her intestines. 
"She found out the week of her first birthday that she had it and she has been battling ever since," said Cruse Aarhus.

In an effort to raise money to cover the families expenses traveling back and forth to Texas for treatment, Aarhus is asking for pledges for every rope length he and his partner climbs in September. 
The rope is just over 20 feet tall, so that means they'll have to climb it 1,452 times to complete the challenge.

Taking on the challenge with him is UNI wrestling coach Doug Schwab.

"Its a, I can't say what I want to say. Its a pretty painful deal, but like the pain we go through in that. That's very minimal compared to what she is going through," said Schwab.

Both men say pledging to climb the rope 50 times a day is the least they can do to support such an sweet and loving little girl. 
"After watching her go through all this, you realize that being miserable is a totally, its a totally learned habit. I mean, if she can go through all this and be happy and smiling, its like well my day's not too bad," said Aarhus.

Avery just went through a surgery to remove nearly half of her intestines and is still recovering.
She will be spending the next month in Texas for radiation and then she will go through six months of chemo back here at U or I in hope of surviving.

 If you'd like to pledge or make a flat donation you can do so through The Everest Challenge Facebook Page.

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