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Hurricane Katrina survivors settle in Iowa

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It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina swept through part of the United States, causing many Americans to relocate.

One couple that survived is now living in Oxford, Iowa.

Ben Halperin and his girlfriend at the time, Jeri, first went to Chicago after leaving New Orleans.

The couple got married and eventually made their way back to Iowa where Jeri's family lives.  

Ben told me the hurricane was devastating and they lost almost everything they owned, including contact with a lot of the people they knew.

Ten years later he tells me, he can still vividly remember the hurricane.

"All the roads were shut down and the trees were down, I've never seen so many trees and poles down. You couldn't see the road really through all the tree that were knocked down by  it," he said.

A month after the storm Ben and Jeri were able to get into their apartments.

"My apartment was on the bottom floor and the water mark was three quarters of the way up the wall where the water had been in there, so just about everything I didn't want to touch," Ben told me.

Jeri's apartment was higher up, but Ben told me it was not in much better shape.

The couple now owns a restaurant in Oxford called, Augusta Restaurant.

"It's been good, it's nice because I live half a block away, so I can just sort of walk to work, Ben said.

The couple has visited New Orleans since the hurricane, Ben told me he recognized the streets, but a lot of the buildings are new.

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