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Incorrect absentee voting flier causes confusion

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Some absentee voters may miss out on the chance to make their vote count in upcoming school board elections.
The Black Hawk County Election Office says a third party has been sending out ballot request forms with the wrong deadlines.
KWWL found out how this could affect some voters.

So far the Black Hawk County Election Office has received almost 900 requests for absentee ballots.
 Not an unusual amount, but election workers did notice some requests attached with a set of instructions that were incorrect.
 The information appears to come from the county office, but it is from an unknown third party and provides the wrong deadlines.

"Its not uncommon, for this type of spin off from federal campaigns where political parties will send you promotional mailers that include absentee ballot applications," said Black Hawk County Election Manager Kyle Jensson

 This slip does not identify with a party or any organization for that matter, but officials don't believe the third party meant to misinform voters.
"We think its a matter of misinformation by someone who thought they had the facts perhaps and didn't," said Jensson.

If you are one of the voters who can't make it out to the polls this election and have requested your absentee ballot, you should received a yellow sheet of paper with your ballot.
"Our instructions with the ballot. So they're opening it, they get the whole package at the same time and these are the instructions they should be following," said Jensson.

Those instructions will show that the deadline for mailing absentee ballots is Saturday, September 5th.

And adding to the confusion is the upcoming holiday.
 Normally ballots would have to be postmarked by the Monday before elections, but that's Labor Day so ballots must be mailed by Saturday to count.

 The incorrect flier did not effect absentee ballot applications.
 The office processed all the ballot requests they received.

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