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Eastern Iowa bed bug problem

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Eastern Iowa is experiencing a bed bug problem.

Pest control experts say they're seeing more and more bed bug problems every year.

At Aable Pest Control in Waterloo, they have Rousey, the tick-sniffing dog to help combat the problem.

She's specially trained to locate bed bugs.

AAble Operations Manager Steffen Price says it only takes one bed bug to create an infestation.

"If you get a pregnant female -- she can lay up to 400 to 500 eggs in her lifetime, or two to three a day on average," said Price.

Price says sometimes people won't realize they have an infestation for weeks because not everyone's skin reacts to bed bugs.

The scariest part about the pests is they can be anywhere, in bar stools, cardboard boxes, or old linens.

"We've (exterminated) a garbage truck, semi truck, moving vans, taxi cabs, police cars," said Price.

Price says to check headboards, box springs, and under mattresses for bugs, as well as couch cushions. 

If you feel like you have a problem, call an exterminator.

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