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Knoxville dispute over cross in memorial

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People throughout the city of Knoxville are placing crosses in their front yards after an argument that's caused a rift in the community. People are asking Knoxville to remove a soldier's memorial from its city park. The group Americans United says the memorial violates the first amendment because it has a cross in it, promoting religion on government property. Others are fighting back.

One man spent that last couple days making more than 1,000 crosses for people in Knoxville. If you look around the town, you can find them in peoples' yards. Some say the crosses in their yards are not religious symbols, they are for fallen soldiers. 

"I think people are tired," said Doug Goff, cross maker. "They're tired of this crap, they're tired of this political correctness and they're tired of being forced to do something that they don't like."

The man who made the memorial created it to remember a friend he lost in Vietnam. Knoxville City Council members are scheduled to discuss the controversy on September 8th. 

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