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Heroic men honored by governor

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At the Iowa State Fair, Friday, some heroic Iowan's were recognized by the governor, including three from Eastern Iowa.
One of those men is Larry "Buck" Koos, who tackled a shooter at a Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting last September.

 When a heated discussion prompted a gunman to shoot at the county assessor, Koos jumped on the man. Potentially saving the lives of the many people in the room. 

However, Koos isn't the only one with a heroic story.

Two farmers recieved the Governor's Lifesaving with Valor Award given to those who risk their own lives to save an others.
 The two men's quick thinking saved the life of Tiffany Mueller, who's truck slid into a creek last November.
 For the first time, KWWL has the frantic 911 call:

 Dispatch "911 what is your emergency?"

Scott Cherne: "The is an upside down pick up in the creek. There is somebody in it."

Dispatch: "There is?"

Scott Cherne: "Yes and its submerged."

That was the 911 call Scott Cherne made after he and Jeff Lincoln found the truck in creek in Clayton County.
Dispatch: "Are you able to get the truck door open at all?"

Scott Cherne: "No the handle broke when I tried pulling on it."

Dispatch: "Is there a back window?"

Scott Cherne: "It's submerged. It's a vet truck, so there is a topper on it."

Tiffany Mueller was stuck inside her truck for almost an hour before Lincoln and Cherne were able to rescue her.

"I trying to keep my body all together because I was so cold because I was submerged in water," recalled Tiffany Mueller.

After initially telling 911 they couldn't get to the person inside the truck. . .

Dispactch: "Are you able to get them out?"

Scott Cherne: "I can't. It's under water."

Lincoln and Cherne got creative, bringing a tractor from their farm to pull the truck out of the water and rescue Mueller.
In a county recognition ceremony back in January, Mueller said she owes these two her life.

"It was just such a relief and overwhelming feeling of safety and its happened and I'm ok," remembered Tiffany Mueller. "So yea it was beautiful. It was really good. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here. No doubt in my mind."

At a county award ceremony in January, the men said they don't need the recognition for what they did.

They said they are content knowing the Mueller is alive and well. 

Koos, Lincoln and Cherne were three of just 10 recipients honored by the governor.

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