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Facebook posts help Waterloo Police fight crime

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One teen has been charged with possession of a gun. Helping make the case against him, his own Facebook posts.
Robert Luckie ditched his handgun while running from the cops back in August.
The recovered gun was linked to Luckie through posts of the gun on Luckie's Facebook profile.
KWWL  found Facebook is becoming a common tool in law enforcement.

Facebook is a popular place to share videos and photos with friends, but for some, those posts are getting them in trouble with law enforcement

"It's amazing how many tips we get on our Facebook page," said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka.
 Police say community involvement allows them to use social media as a crime fighting tool.
"In many of these cases, where we rely upon the Internet or Facebook or YouTube or whatever, Its people in the community that are bringing them to our attention," said Trelka.
   Facebook has privacy settings that allows users to pick and choose who sees their posts, but that doesn't mean posts can't be shared with police.

"Even if you've got your Facebook account set to private. You are sharing it with others, that you've intrusted to have access to that and sometimes those others are very useful for us," said Trelka

 Waterloo Police get so many tips on Facebook, they have one person dedicated to review them.
 Chief Dan Trelka knows crime is evolving with technology and that police have to do the same.
"Law enforcement, the criminal element is always evolving, adapting, and adjusting," said Trelka. "Law enforcement is very good at rolling with those punches."
 Chief Trelka told me that even if the Facebook posts can't be used in prosecuting a case, they are helpful intelligence to keeping the community safe.

Waterloo Police have not yet released the Facebook posts that helped their investigation into Robert Luckie.

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