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Mother has to re-bury son after mix-up

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Days after burying her dead infant, an Eastern Iowa mother received a call from the cemetery service saying they buried her son in the wrong spot.

Leeann Rose's son Lincoln was born prematurely and died from complications.

KWWL brought her story earlier this year when she donated her breast milk to a milk bank, that was meant for her son.

She says burying her son the first time was hard enough, she doesn't think she can do it again.

When it was time to put her son to rest, they buried him in a plot at the La Porte City cemetery, and Rose says something didn't feel right.

"I kinda looked at the plot, and I didn't quite remember that (gravestone) being so close," she said.

The cemetery services secretary called Rose and told her they made a mistake, and would have to dig up her son and move him to a different plot.

Rose says she picked the cemetery because it feels peaceful, but since the mix-up her feelings have changed.

"No parents wants to hear that, that we have to dig up your child and move him," she said.

Lincoln's brothers don't understand what happened to their baby brother, and Rose doesn't plan on taking them back for a second burial.

"This was supposed to be his final resting place," she said.

She says she won't be attending either, she'll come back when Lincoln is at peace.

The cemetery director told KWWL it was an honest mistake and shouldn't have happened, but they said Rose was aware of where the plot was supposed to be, so she could have spoken up too.

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