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UPDATE : Details from a neighbor's feud that ends with one dead

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Steve William Fordyce Jr., 37, has been charged with first degree murder, after allegedly killing his sister's neighbor on Friday night in Waterloo.

Court records state, Fordyce told police he had no previous "dealings" with Donald Lee Harrington, 43, but said family members and Harrington had an ongoing feud.

Court records state, Fordyce told police that he and his sister walked over to Harrington's home at 119 Locust St. around 7:30 p.m. Friday. He told police that he went with his sister to make sure nothing happened.

Court records state he was carrying a handgun in his pants pocket.

Once outside Harrington's home, court records state, Fordyce told police Harrington was within arms length, and was screaming at him and waving his arms. He said Harrington moved towards him, and Fordyce said he then took out the gun, chambered a round and began firing at Harrington.

Harrington fell to the ground.

Police say, Harrington had no weapons on him at the time of the shooting.

Court records state, after the shooting, Fordyce then walked back to his sister's home, where police found him and arrested him.

His bond is currently set at $1 million dollars.

Harrington's funeral services will be 1 p.m. Friday, August 21, at Kearns Funeral Service Kimball Chapel.

Public visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, August 20 at the Funeral Home.

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One man shot dead, another in police custody; after a family feud apparently goes wrong.

Police arrested 37 year old, Steve Fordyce, and charged with first degree murder.

The victim's is 43-years-old Donald Harrington.

Its a heated dispute between two families in the neighborhood that has been going on for almost two years and after Friday night's shooting, it has only gotten worse.

 During an interview, KWWL caught this exchange between the shooter's sister and a man driving by, she identified as the son of the victim.
   "You fat ugly ---. Murder. I'll kill you too," shouted out the alleged victim's son.

 Nicole Fordyce is the sister of Steve Fordyce who is charged with killing the victim. She says that behavior is not uncommon.

"The mom would go by fingering us, doing all kinds off stuff. Yelling at us, just like you saw," said Nicole.

Members of both families live side by side and the victim's home butts up to Nicole Fordyce's drive way and that is where the incident started.

According to Nicole, Steve was getting into his vehicle with his small children when the victim's wife started an argument over trash.

"My brother pulled up into the yard to get away from [Harrington] and was shaking so bad he was so upset because his twins were in the truck," said Nicole. "and I went over and told them my brother and the twins have nothing to do with this. Leave them alone."

The argument continued to escalate and that's when Harrington allegedly approached Steve.

 "My brother, Steve, kept backing up backing up. and [Harrington] just kept pushing him and pushing him," said Nicole.

  And before she knew it, Nicole says shots were fired.
  One dead,  one in custody. She says it never should have ended that way.
  "They've lost their father and I've lost my best friend, my brother," said Nicole.

  KWWL did knock on several doors today and heard from more than one neighbor that they hear and see arguments between the two families on average once a week.

 Crime scene investigators were at the scene again today taking pictures and using a metal detector to look for bullet casings. 

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