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Fair food safety: foodborne illness possible

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A study released just released by the CDC says one in every six of us will get sick from a foodborne illness this year and that risk goes up with fair food. The summer heat and outdoor cooking are breeding grounds for the micro-organisms that cause food poisoning. 

Although you probably won't find many at the vendors, vegetables and fruits are also a high risk -- they are the cause of about half of all foodborne illnesses. Roughly 48 million people will be sick this year from  food they eat but most will go unreported.

"Most of those are people that aren't reported with illness, they don't see a doctor, they tough it out at home," said Dr. Robert Tauxe, CDC. 

Experts say this is due in part to treatment costs. Iowa falls about the middle of the road for treatment costs. with an average of $2,000.

The CDC says there are a few things you can look for when eating at the fair to avoid that trip to the doctor. Check to see if the vendor is wearing gloves, has a clean work station, and if there is on-site refrigeration. Washing hands regularly is also important -- especially when petting animals or riding carnival rides.

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